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Founded in 1988 by the current President and CEO, Juan J. Celaya, COMPU-DATA International, LLC (CDI) specializes in the capture, index, search, and retrieval of unstructured data. Process automation and integration, as well as data security, also are key components of CDI’s core services. Together, these offerings will enable your organization to make your unstructured data work for you.

Business has entered the age of Data Anarchy, where the data you have is chaotic because that data exists in such a vast array of formats. Structured data lies in relational databases neatly organized in rows and columns. It is easily mined for data and produces useful and relevant reports. For over thirty years, companies like IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, and others developed very capable systems to manage structured data, and for a long time, that was all we needed.

Times have changed. The challenge with data now is that so much of it is unstructured. Data is ubiquitous; embedded in countless formats, mostly in the chaos that is natural language. It is in our email, paper documents, online posts and tweets, videos, web pages, images, phone calls and more. In other words, it’s in everything but rows and columns in a database. Between 2010 and 2011, the size and growth of unstructured data began to vastly outstrip the size of structured data. Today, more than 90% of business data – approximately 35 Zettabytes – is unstructured, compared to approximately 3 Zettabytes of structured data.

The means to controlling your data chaos requires four steps:

First, your unstructured data must be captured and indexed. As a Premier Partner of Kodak Alaris, CDI aligns itself with the worldwide leader in document capture. Kodak Alaris combines its decades of history and experience in imaging technology with the best unstructured data science in the industry. This allows CDI to offer you the finest document capture solutions, and because of our status as a Premier Partner, we can do this at the best prices. If you need a custom capture solution, CDI’s team of software developers will create tools to accomplish your goals.

Second, your business processes must be automated and integrated to your data allowing you to enforce your policies and procedures. By coupling our partnerships with companies like Kodak Alaris, Nintex and Joget with our in-house development and delivery capabilities, CDI offers you custom process automation and integration solutions designed to fit your organization’s unique needs. We work with you to identify opportunities for increased efficiency and improved time-management by developing workflow solutions for the capture and use of your unstructured data. For example, this could mean that once a form is submitted or captured, it is automatically routed to the proper department for review or approval, or documents with missing information are automatically flagged for review, or an automated approval process for expense reports. CDI’s goal is to free you from the burden of managing data and enable you to focus on your customers and your business.

Third, your data must be stored in a central location and managed in such a way that your users can easily search for and retrieve that data as needed. With CDI’s proprietary Virtual FileRoom™ (VFR) solution, all your unstructured data, regardless of its format, will be stored, searchable, and retrievable. VFR supports multiple, custom document repositories, and custom hierarchies within each repository. This allows you to design how to organize your data. VFR employs enterprise search technology, just like Google and Yahoo, to search your data. When you enter your search terms, VFR not only searches any metadata values tagged to your documents but also the content of the documents themselves, all at the same time. This makes your searches fast and powerful, and helps ensure that you get the desired search results the first time. Once retrieved, your documents are readily available for downloading, printing, emailing, or any other available task. Finally, with VFR, you can also integrate any data source within your organization and any website and make them all searchable while ensuring data security.

Fourth, your data must remain secure, always. Originally, VFR was developed for the U.S. Department of Energy and Department of Defense, tasked with storing documents related to the country’s nuclear facilities and information and U.S. Army information. Top-secret level security was required. Today, VFR continues to incorporate that same level of security through user authentication, access control lists, and document-level security. VFR also offers the ability to interface with your Windows Active Directory for user authentication. For those times where your documents require advanced security, CDI offers advanced security through document-level encryption. Whether at rest, in transit, or stored remotely, we provide you with complete control over who can and cannot access your documents.

CDI maintains trained staff to support its product offerings and solutions. CDI currently works with numerous clients across the United States, serving them from our corporate offices in The Woodlands, Texas and from our satellite offices in Texas, Arizona, and Florida.

Today, efficiently and effectively capturing, managing, and securing your unstructured data is one of the largest challenges facing your organization. Doing so gives you valuable insight into your organization’s strengths and weaknesses, the demographics and needs of your customers, and the best way to grow your business. Since 1988, CDI is the Unstructured Information Management Company. Our partnerships with the leaders in the industry, our own Virtual FileRoom™ product, and our ability to create custom solutions to fit your unique needs all combine to make CDI your ideal partner for controlling your data chaos.

At COMPU-DATA International, we make your data Available Anytime, Anywhere™.

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