Distributed Capture

Increase Your ROI – Distribute the Capture Work Load

In today's environment capture solutions come in different flavors and forms based on your needs. “Distributed” capture is a process that utilizes decentralized resources to collect documents and data. A distributed capture solution uses desktop scanners, multi function printers and network scanners.  This is in contrast to a capture solution that is “Centralized’ providing for scanning services where documents and data are collected for processing at a single point after moving paper and electronic files from disparate source locations to that one central locations.  Capture solutions are also referred to as imaging solutions or document capture solutions achieving the same goal - that of document or data scanning.

Why Use A Distributed Capture Solution?

There are several significant benefits of implementing a distributed capture process within an organization.

  • The first and most obvious of these is the reduction or elimination of transportation or shipping costs associated with movement of the hard copy paper documents from remote branch locations or satellite offices for processing.  In many cases, this in itself can offer complete return-on-investment in relatively short order.
  • Combine the transportation savings with the savings in having to maintain, heat /cool and light space taken up by paper (at both sites, remote and central) and your organization has the beginnings of a profitable and environmentally ‘green’ solution to a long standing problem.
  • Personnel allocated to sorting, collating packaging documents can be reassigned to more cost-effective, revenue-producing efforts.
  • Capture solutions must also include electronic files. As electronic files continue to increase and become part of the capture requirements, a distributed capture solution addresses these digital assets right from the desktop allowing for the same metadata capture requirements used for paper.
  • While some business requirements dictate retention of the original source documents for archive purposes, this represents a fairly small percentage of the total.

Immediate Advantage For The Business

In terms of the document capture solution business process itself, the main advantage associated with distributed capture is that the working documents and data become immediately available for workflow and use from the remote location.  Other benefits include:

  • Browser based implementations simplify capture and reduce overall software procurement and maintenance costs.
  • Immediate entry into the digital workflow process also provides real-time visibility of status and prevents misplacement of paper documents.
  • Another critical aspect to distributed capture is that it facilitates the ability to restrict access and control Personally Identifiable Information from its point of origin.  This is an increasingly area of concern for industry and government.

Moving Ahead With A Solution

Depending on your capture solution business requirements, you may consider distributed capture to collect, store and index documents and data.

COMPU-DATA International, LLC has over twenty years of experience building capture solutions for small business and large Government agencies.  Customers trust us for effective capture systems that provide quality images, improve efficiencies and lower operating costs.

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