Business Process Automation & Workflow Technology

CDI delivers a complete solution that automates cumbersome and error prone business processes so companies and organizations can save time and money. Boost your bottom line while providing a practical solution for enforcing your policies, business rules, routing scanned and electronic documents and working toward a paperless office. With the product versatility delivered by CDI, your employees will never miss a task as our solutions will ensure your processes will be monitor and the right person notified when things must be done. With our solutions you can transition easily to electronic storage and accessibility, significantly reducing the complexity and time, of information storage and retrieval.

CDI uses workflow technologies enabling business process automation and allowing the technology to do the repetitive work. Let our workflow technology notify you when something is not being done, when a customer needs to be reminded of a coming renewal, when an approval is required and more. Let us help you enable your business processes to securely integrate with information capture solutions and content management systems to store, search, access and use all information regarding your clients, orders, projects, agreements and documents, accounts, statistics, inventory levels, employees, and anything else that your business depends on for day-to-day operations.

All businesses are highly dependent on accurate information that can be accessed quickly, at any time, and from any location. A well defined and properly implemented business process automation strategy using the right technology is imperative. This strategy together with effective document capture, content management and forms processing solutions will significantly increase the efficiency of your business by reducing overhead costs, increasing the speed and quality of production, increasing production capacity, and ultimately improving profitability.

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