Kodak Alaris Web-based Scanning Software

Info Input Solution




Info Input Solution

  • Ideal for large, enterprise customers
  • Integrates with business applications
  • Mobile module option

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Info Input Express




Info Input Express

  • Ideal for departments with basic scanning and indexing needs
  • Simple to understand and use

Product Sales Sheet (.95mb)

Kodak Info Input Solution enables faster capture and access to information – at the office or remotely. Info Input Solution is a web-based and mobile capture application that is easy for workers who regularly scan across departments and enterprises to implement and use.

  • Info Input Solution satisfies the advanced capture needs of workers that scan regularly.
  • Enables easy information capture from scanning, smart devices and digital files (including email) from one application across your organization – wherever the location.
  • Maintain security and capture business critical information via an app on your mobile or smart device.
  • Info Input Solution allows you to capture and index from within your current business applications. No multiple systems to learn and no time wasted swapping screens.
  • Info Input can connect to Enterprise Content Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Business Process Management, and workflow solutions.

Kodak Info Input Express is an easy, intuitive web-based capture solution designed to allow ad hoc users or knowledge workers to simply scan and capture via mobile, index, convert and submit documents to their desktop or business systems. It enables capture to move closer to the edge of the business. This web-based application has an intuitive interface that is simple to understand and use. Basic indexing steps ensure documents and data are consistently captured and delivered to the right place with less human error.

  • Set up user groups and defined workflows easily (based upon different fields, document types and scan job) from a central administrator and share to different departments or remote sites.
  • Scan directly into predefined workflows via Smart Touch functionality when using scanners from Kodak Alaris.
  • Info Input Express extends the functionality of your thick client capture solution (such as Capture Pro) with an ability to simplify the user interface.
  • No more time lost searching for your document. The catalog function enables you to record the document location and the associated indexed data, ensuring you have a clear chain of custody.

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