Data Enhancement System™ (DES™) (Patent Pending) Overview

The Data Enhancement System™ augments a file's content by assigning automatically generated metadata to the file. DES is a standalone component of COMPU-DATA International, LLC (CDI) product DigitalAsset Finder™ and it is designed as a middleware software component of CDI's product suite. DES is comprised of novel computer operated methods and systems working on electronic content to enhance/enrich content by automatically adding metadata as properties of each content processed.

DES manages the augmentation process of the electronic content delivered by any Data Source. DES monitors its input queues while simultaneously processing the content of data files received. In one single pass through the DES process, DES will automatically assign metadata to the content received, then (a) update the content at the Data Source or (b) return the metadata assigned to the calling program. DES can also be configured to take actions on the data file based on the metadata values assigned. Actions may include the migration of the data file, setting values to certain parameters or notify of the existence of the data file being processed.

For Cloud Computing applications and specifically for Microsoft® Office 365, DES is ideally positioned to enhance the value of electronic content stored in the cloud, by automatically tagging each content file with metadata without having to embed multiple technologies into the cloud system.

Read "Why use DES with SharePoint". Download the "DES Solutions Document".

To find out more as to how CDI's Data Enhancement System™ will work in your environment contact us via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For more details you may also want to download the Scalability and High Performance Architecture Process Description.

In this video, Juan J. Celaya presents DES working with Concept Searching's products enhancing Office 365 data using automatic metadata generation technology.


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The Data Enhancement System™ (DES™) (Patent Pending) enhances a file’s content by assigning automatically generated metadata from its integrated technologies. DES is a middleware software component of CDI’s product suite. DES is comprised of novel computer operated methods and systems which simultaneously access varied electronic data files residing in multiple Data Sources or delivered by a Data Generation Source.

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