DigitalAsset Finder™ Platform (DAF)

  • Improve employees’ productivity by providing a powerful search and access capabilities to disparate data sources throughout their organization’s information infrastructure. This commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) product also delivers information management functions to support all digital assets. Read more

Virtual FileRoom™ (VFR™) Web based Application

  • Virtual FileRoom™ is our "Out of the Box" web based application leveraging the DAF Platform and its open architecture. You can easily roll out a successfull solution without major integration and development costs, delivering expanded search and data management functionality plus all benefits the DAF Platform provides. VFR delivers a simple and easy to use interface while letting you easily store, search and retrieve files on-demand with a customizable interface that's modular, scalable and Could-bassed for added convenience.  Read more

DigitalAsset Finder™ Safety Data Sheet Turn Key Solution

  • The Safety Data Sheet option to the DAF Platform delivers, in the VFR Application, functionality that allows the management and distribution of these key documents throughout your locations across the world. By providing management of any volume of SDS with online access, distribution and access tracking, combined with reporting functionality and language support for SDS this product delivers a complete solution able to manage small to very large SDS repositories with any number of users. Read more

Data Enhancement System™ (Patent Pending)
  • DES is a middle-ware product comprised of novel computer operated methods and systems simultaneously working with electronic content stored in Data Sources to enhance/enrich the content by using one or more automatic metadata generation technologies. DES' primary function is to enhance the value of electronic content in any data source by adding metadata to the content's properties. DES automatically delivers the content file and/or its enhancements to the "return address" of the content file. The enhancement/enrichment process is driven by rules managed by the organization and defined using DES and the automatic metadata generation technology used. For Cloud Computing applications and specifically for Microsoft® Office 365, DES is ideally positioned by providing the flexibility, access and control normally lost in the Cloud. Read more



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